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By: henry | March 15, 2016


A Desktop Cactus Garden.

Yes, today you will have some idea of this type of miniature cactus garden that you may like to have in your home and on your desktop.

Initial requirements for creating such a miniature cactus garden would ideally include a porous potting mix, appropriate pots and containers, suitable hand gloves, and specific tools to handle cactus which generally contain sharp spines and edges.

If you are using metallic or wooden tongs then it is more suitable. Alternatively, you may also use folded newspaper strip of almost one inch wide and sufficiently lengthy. It would help you to wrap the cactus safely. Leaving two tails to grab the cactus plant as a handle for moving purposes would also be better.

Almost any type of container or pot would do for planting cactus but it would even better if the containers are shallow. Size of the container should be according to your indoor requirements. You may select the plastic containers, clay or ceramic containers, and biodegradable containers depending upon your choices.

Miniature cactus gardens are nice for displaying and your visitors would certainly admire your taste .You should preferably select ornamental or some type of neutral container for elegant display.

You will find special cactus soil in your nearby garden store. You may also place online order to any supplier for this soil. Make an equally proportioned mix of perlite and the potting soil to have the cactus soil prepared if you are doing it on your own.

You need to take care of good drainage as well. Coarser material is more appropriate for this purpose. This is one of the most important aspects for having a nice cactus garden.

Almost every garden store, center, nursery, or the florists shop nearby your area would be having small and beautiful cacti plants. You may also find grafted cacti varieties in addition to the exotic and extra-terrestrial look of various cacti plants. Choose the best you like most.

A layout designing and planning prior to planting the cacti plants in the containers would always be better. You must try to get full idea of the front, back, side and other views of the containers according to their height and other viewing options.

Taller cactus plants should preferably be planted in the middle of the container. You may place smaller varieties at the outer periphery of the container. It would look great if you let the trailing spill over the rim of the pot or container.

When you have ensured the above mentioned steps place the soil around the plants gently. For giving an s grand look you should place some pebbles dressing around the plants. Ensure that it is not just cosmetic layer so make the pebble-layer of around 0.5 to 0.75 inch in thickness.

These pebbles would facilitate proper air circulation and additional support to the shallow rooted cactus plants. Frequent watering of cactus plants would not be necessary and therefore you may water them on weekly basis.

You may like to add more creativity in your desktop miniature cactus garden with the help of items like bright colored stones, marble pieces, mirrors, drift wood, small ceramic animals, tiny rodent’s skulls, and many others. Decorative ideas are just limited to your own imagination.

Category: Garden Tips 


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