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By: henry | April 19, 2016

You should not take everything with you when you are about to move house. In fact, you should abstain from doing that as much as you can. Always pick your least favourite items, or something unneeded to leave behind. Downsizing is very important as it can be the difference between a full-blown expensive house removals service and a simple South London man and van that will save you money, time, and a lot of effort. There are some category of items which people never leave behind and that is reflected on the receipt of the man with a van South London company they chose. Here is what you should reconsider taking along when moving:

Dangerous things – Any registered weapons, explosive items, or even bottles / cans / any containers of fuel have no place along with the rest of your belongings. Either come and get them back later, or carry them yourself. Many South London man with van firms also don’t allow the transportation of such items and you will be liable in case of damages.

Food – Eat or donate the food. Don’t turn it into more load for the man and van South London company that might charge you for weight (yes, some companies do that). Not to mention that, depending on the length of the trip, the food could easily go bad and turn the van into a dreadful smelling container.

Consumables – Apart from food, there are many other consumable items which you can spare room from. Cleaning products, soap, toothpaste – all of these can easily be ignored to make room for more important items and downsize the boxes a bit. What is the point to make extra load for items you can replenish the moment you arrive at your new home?

Plants – Plants should be started anew at your new place. After all, it might not even have proper conditions for your plants, so why bother taking them at all if all they’ll do at your new house is die out on you? Keep the plants where they were, have them decorate the new tenant or owner’s place and get a fresh bunch.

Waste – This should be obvious, but some people do take their waste with them. People who are big on recycling or DIY projects take their paper waste and plastic items with them. Wrong move – paper and plastic waste can be generated at your new place as well, don’t make a mess in the moving van.

Take care of these items and you will successfully downsize a huge chunk of the items which you will give to the moving company. Some of these items are not recommended in general and go against the terms and conditions of many South London man with a van services. So save yourself the legal trouble and save yourself the need for extra work by doing a good downsizing. You can save money on a relocation in various ways – research your options and make it so.

Category: Moving Advice 


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